1979 Township Drive
Marlboro, NJ 07746
732-536-0100  •  Directions
Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies

School Resource Unit

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Marlboro Township Police – School Resource Unit
For information call 732-536-0100 Ext. 1105
Or email: Sgt. Timothy Snyder at Tsnyder@marlboropd.org

1. Assignment
The School Resource Officer maintains his/her position as a police officer while helping bridge any gaps between the schools/community and the police department. The SRO acts as liaison with school officials, conducts school programs, assists in planning school related events, investigates incidents within the school, assists patrol with juvenile matters, and attends faculty and parent meetings.

2. Duties
a. Attend Training
b. Liaison with assigned School Officials
c. Conducts school programs
d. Conducts School visitation and selected safety programs
e. Assists in planning for any school related events
f. Investigate incidents involving schools and/or students
g. Assist the Patrol Division with juvenile matters
h. Provide instruction to school officials regarding crisis management
i. Attend faculty, parent and community meetings
j. Performs all the duties of a patrol officer and any additional duties assign to him/her by the Chief of Police

Contact Information:

Sgt. Timothy Snyder SRO Supervisor  
732-536-0100 x1105   Tsnyder@marlboropd.org

Patrolman Callen Figarola 

Marlboro High School
732-536-0100 x1119   Cfigarola@marlboropd.org

Patrolman Frank Perrini
Marlboro Middle and Marlboro Memorial Middle School
732-536-0100 x1103   Fperrini@marlboropd.org

Police Officer Kelly Drum
Marlboro Elementary Schools and Marlboro Early Learning Center
732-536-0100 x1127   Kdrum@marlboropd.org