1979 Township Drive
Marlboro, NJ 07746
732-536-0100  •  Directions
Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies

Explorer Post

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Marlboro Township Police – Police Explorer Program
For information call 732-536-0100
Or email:
Lt. Stephen Levy or  Sgt. Andrew Goldberg

Marlboro Township’s Police Explorer Post 105 was established in 1982 when Police Chief Joseph Walker (Ret.) learned about the program at a county meeting. He then asked Lieutenant Nick Barbella (Ret.) to institute a post in Marlboro Township.

Lieutenant Barbella (Ret) , Capt. Douglas Van Note (Ret.), Officer George Landau (Ret.), and the late Cpl. Robert Tossie created the post with local juveniles interested in Law Enforcement. . The late Mayor Saul Hornik and Town Council got behind the fledging program and the Township agreed to provide the necessary funding.

Although it is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, Police or “Law Enforcement” Exploring is an independent entity. It is a program open to students between the ages of 14 and 21. Explorer posts offer experiential learning and fun hands-on activities to young men and women who may be interested in law enforcement careers.

The Marlboro Township Police Explorers largely assist with traffic both in-town and in surrounding municipalities at special events. They also pick up litter on Community Pride Day, attend the annual D.U.I Vigil, and make appearances throughout the year at County and local events. The Marlboro Police Explorers are a highly visible group of young men and women who put service above self and dedicate a lot of time to the program.

By the end of the year, each Explorer clocks in approximately 100-150 hours of time. The grand total for the Post is about 3,000 hours a year.


About 15 years ago, Post 105 began participating in a 14-week program at the Monmouth County Police Academy in Freehold that gives the Explorers a taste of what real police training is like. The Monmouth County Law Enforcement Explorer Academy includes lessons on dealing with the public, criminal law, motor vehicle stops, water safety, physical training with a real Academy Drill Instructor, familiarization in firearms safety and shooting range practices.

Ride-Along Program

Once they’ve graduated from the Academy, some Explorers take advantage of the Ride-Along Program, which gives Explorers ages 16 and over the opportunity to observe police officers as they work. Explorers are never put in harm's way. On school nights, Explorers are home by ten o'clock. They are not allowed to ride after midnight.


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