1979 Township Drive
Marlboro, NJ 07746
732-536-0100  •  Directions
Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies

K-9 Program

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Marlboro Township Police K-9 Unit
For information call 732-536-0100 Ext. 1086

The Marlboro Police Canine Unit was created in 2002 on donations from the community. The Unit began with two Canine teams, which consisted of Ptlm. Chaplinski and K-9 Vaik (2002-2010), Ptlm. Arminio and K-9 Lex (2002-2005). In 2003, the Unit added a third team Ptlm. Garguillo and K-9 Aldo (2003-2013).

All three teams were trained in patrol work, which took 16 weeks and narcotic work, which took 10 weeks. Patrol training consists of tracking, article searches, handler protection, criminal apprehension, agility and obedience. The canines are also trained in the detection of narcotics, which consists of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, marijuana and ecstasy.

All canines reside with the officer and their families and frequently respond to calls for service when they are off-duty. The officers are provided with a patrol vehicle that is specially equipped to transport their canine partners. Since the inception, the Marlboro Police Canine Unit has responded to over 1000 calls for service and has seized over $50,000, in Marlboro and other jurisdictions. Frequently, the Unit is requested for assistance by other police departments.

Although the canine teams are deployed for many reasons, the most common are for tracking of missing persons, criminal suspects and detection of narcotics. The Unit trains regularly in order to stay proficient and effective. They are evaluated and re-certified several times each year. The Unit also conducts demonstrations throughout the year. In 2010, the Unit found itself down to one working canine. Ptlm. Kevin Cain and K-9, Simon (2011-2014) made up that team.  With the unit in need of another canine word got out throughout the police canine community and a canine was donated to the unit.  Our appreciation also goes to the Morris Family who graciously donated our  K-9, Saber (2013-2018) who was be handled by Officer Donna Gonzalez.  Our newest canine team is Ptlm. Joshua Abrahamson and his partner BOLO. 

If anyone wishes to donate to the Canine Unit, a K-9 Fund was created for the unit. Please contact Lt. Szymanski or any Canine Handler for more information. (732) 536-0100 ext 1086.