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Residential Alarm Application

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All systems include areas that are monitored, such as doors and windows. All include a computer panel or device to send a signal, via a telephone line, to a monitoring station. The monitoring station is one central place that acts as the link between your alarm system and whoever you utilize to respond to the alarms activation. Traditionally, this is a police department, but it could also be a private security firm.


One of the main differences between alarm systems is based on monitoring.
Direct Monitoring with the Marlboro Township Police Department allows for direct monitoring from the police department.  This means that the signal goes straight from your residence to our dispatch center via your telephone line.

A Marlboro Township Police/911 Dispatcher views the activation information on their computer and immediately relay the alarm information to officers in the field. Dispatchers are able to ascertain if the alarm is a burglar alarm, panic alarm, medical alarm, or trouble alarm for alarm maintenance.  With this information a direct call to emergency services can be made.  Dispatchers can then locate pertinent information from our residents data file for emergency family/friend contacts.

Alarm Company Monitoring

Another option for the monitoring of your alarm system is to have the alarm monitored by an agency outside of the Marlboro Township Police Department. This would mean that your signal goes from the alarm system in you home, via the telephone line, to a remote site that has monitoring personnel.

Once received at the remote monitoring site, that person receives the information and relays it, via a second telephone call, to the Marlboro Township Police Department.
The issues with this type of monitoring are the inherent delay of contact to the police by a third party monitoring service.



Alarm systems must be registered and renewed annually based on the Township of Marlboro's Code, Chapter 76. Residential and business alarm fees are $270.00 for direct police panel connect and $10.00 for privately monitored systems. There is a $10.00 late fee, if not paid on time. Failure to comply will result in the issuance of a summons. Any alarm that is not registered and is responded to by the police will be left a response notice advising to register the alarm.

An alarm can be registered by coming into police headquarters (open 24 hours a day/7 days a week) and picking up the form in the police lobby area. The alarm form can also be obtained by requesting the form be mailed or by clicking on this link. Payment must be made in the exact amount in cash, check or Money Order made payable to Marlboro Township Police. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

The information required for the alarm registration is:
            type of alarm, eg: burglary, fire, panic, other
            the name, address and phone number of the alarm monitoring system
            for business alarms:
                        business owner's name, address, and phone number
                        three emergency contacts.



Change from Alarm Company Monitoring to Direct Monitoring

If you want to change from being monitored by your alarm company to being monitored directly by the Marlboro Township Police Department;

The first step is to advise your alarm company that you want to directly connect to the Marlboro Township Police Department and arrange to have them convert your system to direct monitoring.  You would then submit the Permit and Agreement for Direct Connection Form and when you are confirmed a direct connect customer in our system you can cancel your service with your current alarm company.  Please note any cancellation policies within your current alarm contract.

Although you will no longer pay your alarm company for alarm monitoring; you will still need to pay for alarm servicing. If you experience any problems, please contact the Marlboro Police Records at 732-536-0100 x1410 and we will assist you during the transition.

The direct connect service offered by the Marlboro Township Police Department does not include any repairs, changes or maintenance needed for your alarm system. At this point, the Marlboro Township Police Department can offer the listings of local service contractors should you need their services.


Remove Myself from Direct Monitoring

If you are currently monitored by the Marlboro Township Police Department and want another agency to monitor your alarm, simply contact the Marlboro Police Records at 732-536-0100 x1410 and we will assist you during the transition.


Sign Up for Direct Monitoring

If you want to continue direct monitoring by the Marlboro Township Police Department and you have not completed the Permit and Agreement for Direct Connection Form

Please mail the Permit and Agreement for Direct Connection Form and for new members include the $295 fee ($270yr + $25 one time connection fee) to:

Marlboro Township Police
Alarm Registrations
1979 Township Drive
Marlboro Township, NJ 07746-2247


Maintaining Another Alarm Company For Monitoring

The Marlboro Townships annual $10 fee is required by residential and business alarm holders who use an outside company to monitor their alarm systems. The low $10 fee is designed to pay for maintaining all the information about your residence should we receive a call from your outside alarm company. We record and have instantly available emergency contact numbers for each alarm system. We also need to periodically update this information when your system is changed or your contact information changes.

If You Have Any Further Questions

Contact the Marlboro Police Records at 732-536-0100 x1410 and we will assist you.