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Discovery Document Library

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                             Discovery Document Library*             (Updated 11/12/2014)

Breath Alcohol Testing Results for Subject Tests and associated Instrument Certification Tests are available for searching at: https://www.njportal.com/NJSP/AlcoTest/Default.aspx  

ALCOTEST-ARXA-0069 TEST Documents (any other documents will be mailed)

11/01/2011 to 04/16/2012 all reports

04/16/2012 to 10/11/2012 all reports

10/11/2012 1030hrs to 10/12/2012 No Report

10/12/2012 to 04/04/13 all reports

04/04/13 to 09/19/13 all reports

09/19/13 to 03/13/14 all reports

04//10/14 to 10/9/14 all reports

10/09/14 to current

ALCOTEST-ARXA-0069 Solution Changes

2012 Solution Changes

01/12/13 Solution Change

02/08/13 Solution Change

03/30/13 Solution Change

04/30/13 Solution Change

02/24/13 Solution Change

02/27/13 Solution Change

05/31/13 Solution Change

07/02/13 Solution Change

07/04/13 Solution Change

08/01/13 Solution Change

08/14/13 Solution Change

08/25/13 Solution Change

10/23/13 Solution Change

11/21/13 Solution Change

12/19/13 Solution Change

01/18/2014 Solution Change

02/08/2014 Solution Change

03/12/2014 Solution Change

04/10/2014 Solution Change

05/09/2014 Solution Change

06/01/2014 Solution Change

06/27/2014 Solution Change

07/30/2014 Solution Change

09/06/2014 Solution Change

10/05/2014 Solution Change

10/09/2014 Solution Change

11/08/2014 Solution Change with Officer Certification





ALCOTEST-ARXA-0069 Maintenance Records

2012 Maintenance Records

2012 to 4/10/14 - Maintenance Records


 * All other documents for discovery must be requested through Marlboro Records and are subject to 1/1/13 Rule7:7-7 fees along with shipping fees.

** No files for discovery will be sent via email in any format- NJ  Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services requires certification of records for electronic recording.  Marlboro Records is not certified by NJ Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services for scanning records. 

Furthermore to ensure security,  Marlboro Records will not sent emails or emails with attachements of any discovery documents. Security over non-secure email transmissions or pdf. attachements are of concern when sending un-redacted and sensitive information via email.